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AI-Driven Sri Lanka is an initiative by IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka formed in 2020 that strives to bridge the gap between undergraduates and graduates of the AI Industry. Our tech programs are equipped with the latest AI technologies, research and trends to inspire tech enthusiasts to transform tomorrow’s world by bringing their ideas into a reality.

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Explore OUr offerings

Empowering youth through Community Talks, Bootcamps, AI Industrial Visits, and AI Summits.

Community Talks

Focus on spreading the word of
possibilities of the Machine Learning and the impact of the AI Adoption

AI Industrial Visit

Explore the impact of AI across
industries. Witness its transformative power firsthand. Engage with experts and discover career paths


Focuses on educating and training
individuals who seek to embark on their journey into Artificial Intelligence and for anyone interested in upskilling in the field

AI Summit

The AI Summit is a premier event
showcasing AI talks, networking
opportunities and company product showcase driving innovation and collaboration

Why to Partner With Us?

Show off AI expertise

Showcase your expertise with keynote speakers, highlighting industry leadership. Take the stage to flaunt your latest product launches leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Innovative Solutions

Leverage interactive surveys, focus groups, and co-creation sessions to engage youth directly, extracting valuable insights for groundbreaking product development and innovation.

Brand Recognition

Demonstrates your commitment to nurturing the next generation of AI professionals and contributes to the growth of the AI ecosystem and enhance your reputation within the industry.

Attracting Top Talents

Gain exclusive access to a dynamic and highly skilled pool of undergraduate talent. Connect with aspiring young professionals who are enthusiastic about entering the field of artificial intelligence

Speakers from industry leaders


our ongoing ai bootcamp

Aspiring AI enthusiasts are invited to register for this exceptional journey, delving into four virtual sessions covering OpenAI APIs/Prompt engineering, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Fine-tuning LLMs, Training and Deployment strategies and frontend Implementation and Implementing OpenAI Models in Practice. The climax is a thrilling physical hackathon, challenging participants to apply their knowledge to craft innovative solutions to a real-world case study.


Take a Look at Our Completed Projects

AI-driven Sri Lanka has transformed AI enthusiasts through insightful community talks, empowered the next generation with AI Pre-Bootcamps, and fostered collaboration with impactful university events.

Community talks

We conducted engaging AI community talks fostering innovation, learning, and collaboration

AI Pre bootcamp

Our comprehensive Pre-Bootcamp series has provided extensive knowledge and practical skills

Collab events

AI Enthusiasts seized the chance to learn from experts fostering networking among industry professionals.

What People Say about our AI community offerings

This initiative is commendable, fostering knowledge and skills in AI for the Sri Lanka talent pool. Thanks to the organizers for ensuring a seamless and timely experience for all participants.

    Dr. Akshika Wijesundara
    Dr. Akshika Wijesundara

    King’s College, London

    Being a part of AI-Driven Sri Lanka's events has been nothing short of inspiring. It's clear that AI-Driven Sri Lanka is creating a platform for meaningful conversations and learning.

      Dr. Shamane Siri
      Dr. Shamane Siri

      University of Auckland

      I had the privilege of speaking at different events in AI-Driven Sri Lanka & it was a great experience. The audience's curiosity and eagerness to learn on AI adoption were evident.

        Hansa Perera
        Hansa Perera

        Data and AI Technopreneur

        AI-Driven Sri Lanka's commitment to fostering a vibrant AI community is truly commendable. The events go beyond just knowledge transfer; simply everyone feels inspired.

          Nisal Mihiranga
          Nisal Mihiranga

          AI & Data Science Architect at Zone24x7

          This platform aspire AI professionals to engage with industry experts, share ideas, and push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of artificial intelligence.

            Thirunayan Dinesh
            Thirunayan Dinesh

            AI Team Lead at Rootcode

            Our Timeline

            Bootcamp Phase #1

            Bootcamp Phase #2

            Community Talks

            Industrial Visit

            AI Summit

            Every Month

            Conduct Training Sessions.

            Mini project explanations, implementations and evaluations.

            Happening every Month’s 3rd Sunday.

            A company visit to showcase real workplace practices.

            • AI Tech talks, panel discussions.
            • Network & Collaboration opportunities.
            • AI project/ product exhibition.
            • Rewarding & Showcasing Winners.

            Latest Blog & Articles

            Explore enriching insights and knowledge in our blogs and articles—unveiling the latest trends, success stories, and thought-provoking perspectives in AI. 

            Unlock the Potential of AI with AI Driven Sri Lanka

            Empowering Sri Lanka’s Future Through AI. Join Us in Innovation Today. Contact us to foster collaboration and advance AI together. 

            Program Structure

            Program Structure

            Program Structure

            Program Structure

            Collaborative events


            AI PRE BOOTCAMPs

            Pre Bootcamp I

            Pre Bootcamp II