About AI Bootcamp 2023

AI Bootcamp 2023 by AI DRIVEN SRI LANKA is an immersive and cutting-edge learning experience designed to propel participants to the forefront of AI innovation.

Aspiring AI enthusiasts are invited to register for this exceptional journey, delving into four virtual sessions covering OpenAI APIs/Prompt engineering, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Fine-tuning LLMs, Training and Deployment strategies and frontend Implementation and Implementing OpenAI Models in Practice. The climax is a thrilling physical hackathon, challenging participants to apply their knowledge to craft innovative solutions to a real-world case study. With a minimal fee for subsequent sessions, the bootcamp ensures access to invaluable resources, mentorship, and the opportunity to showcase solutions.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of Sri Lanka’s most anticipated AI event, where education meets hands-on experience and creativity flourishes!


Awareness Session

Introduction to OpenAI APIs/Prompt Engineering

RAG and Fine- tuning LLMs

Training, Deployment Strategies, and FE Implementation


Physical AI Hackathon

  • Comprehensive overview of the upcoming AI Bootcamp series and the exciting AI hackathon.
  • Introduction to OpenAI, highlighting the process of obtaining API keys for users to initiate requests to OpenAI LLMs.
  • OpenAI Models: Embedding, Completion, etc.
  • Introduction to Prompting and Prompting Techniques.
  • Future of Prompting.
  • RAG & Finetuning LLMs – Introduction to Vector Databases.
  • Why Vector Databases with LLMs.
  • Why Vector Database over Relational or Non-Relational Database.
  • Vector Database and RAG.
  • LLM Model Architecture Explanation.
  • How to Deploy LLMs in Production.
  • How to Train a LLM.
  • Deployment and Training Strategies for Cost-Effective Production Environment.
  • This will be a live online session that shows participants how to implement a solution to a given scenario (case study) using all 3 previous session outcomes.
  • 50 – 75 selected teams will dive into a live coding session, applying their knowledge to a challenging case study.

Meet our professional Speakers

Mr. hansa Perera

Principal Engineer

at Nagarro Sri Lanka

Mr. Samudra Kanankearachchi

Director of Technology

at 99X

Dr. Akshika Wijesundara

Machine Learning Engineer (Post-Doc)

at King's College London

Mr. Nisal Mihiranga

Architect - Data Science

at Zone24x7

Mr. Ishara Neranjana

Associate Machine Learning Engineer

at Zone24x7

What you will get

Learn how to leverage LLM and Prompting to solve real-world problems.

Gain hands on exposure to training and deployment.

Upon completion receive a valuable certificate acknowledged by giants in IT industry.

Connect with industry experts in AI.

Opportunity to experience an engaging industrial visit.

Enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Exciting cash prizes to the winners.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI-Driven Sri Lanka is an initiative focused on providing accessible AI education and fostering a community of AI enthusiasts in Sri Lanka.

Teams go through a competitive selection process, with the top 10 teams earning the opportunity to present at the physical hackathon.

You can register for the bootcamp, and there is a minimal fee for subsequent sessions, ensuring access to resources, mentorship, and the opportunity to showcase your solutions.

The AI Bootcamp offers the chance to enhance your AI skills, connect with experts in the AI industry, and gain practical experience in solving real-world AI challenge

The AI Bootcamp 2023 is an immersive learning program designed to enhance AI skills and creativity, with virtual sessions and a hands-on hackathon.

The virtual sessions cover AI fundamentals, as well as advanced techniques like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Fine-tuning LLMs.

AI-Driven Sri Lanka empowers individuals to use AI for solutions that address societal challenges, aligning with sustainable development goals and strengthening Sri Lanka’s role in the global AI ecosystem.

The bootcamp is open to all the AI Enthusiasts.

AI Bootcamp 2023 - Captured Moments

Program Structure

Program Structure

Program Structure

Program Structure

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